⚒️ Building with Oxen

Oxen provides tools, features, libraries, and protocols to build a decentralised, private future for the web
The Oxen technology stack comprises many individual components which can be used either on their own or together with other parts of the stack to build applications and services that provide next-level privacy, security, decentralisation, and anonymity to users seeking these attributes in a world where monitoring, surveillance, and censorship are ever-increasing.
It can be a bit difficult to see how the pieces of the Oxen stack fit together to create a cohesive vision for the decentralised, private future of the web. This page provides some examples of the ways in which Oxen’s technologies can be applied to build exciting, innovative, and meaningful applications and services. The projects below are only a few examples of the ✨ limitless possibilities ✨ enabled by the Oxen technology stack. Let’s dive in.
Cutting-edge onion router that can power anonymous voice and video calling. Can be leveraged to provide anonymous, censorship-resistant access to your web-based application or service.
Fully anonymous encrypted messenger with a focus on minimising metadata leakage to provide users with total privacy. Can be used as the basis for anonymous, encrypted notification and communication services for individuals or communities.
Decentralised blockchain network and instant anonymous payments platform. Can be used to accept payments and power decentralised web-based platforms and services.