Token economics

Learn about the economics of the Oxen token
The Oxen network is run by a decentralised network of incentivised nodes called service nodes.
As the workhorses of the network, service nodes get the lion's share of the reward: 16.5 $OXEN per block.
This results in the creation of 11,880 $OXEN per day.
Because of the nature of Pulse, a large proportion of $OXEN's total supply is locked in service nodes and unavailable on the market. On top of this, our research has shown that people earning rewards through staked nodes are much more likely to hold their tokens and continue participating in the network than those who earnt their tokens via mining.
These two qualities help increase buy pressure and decrease sell pressure in $OXEN markets, respectively.
More details about the cryptoeconomic theory which underpins Oxen can be found here.
The not-for-profit Oxen Privacy Tech Foundation receives a governance reward of 9240 $OXEN every 7 days. This reward is used to pay for development, marketing, and community projects, more information about how the Oxen treasury and governance reward is managed can be found on the OPTF website.