Mobile Wallet Staking Guide

This guide explains how to stake to an Oxen Service Node via the Oxen Mobile Wallet

The latest versions of the Oxen Mobile Wallet can be found on our downloads page.

Step 1.

Open the Oxen Mobile Wallet, enter your password/pin, and let it fully sync to the latest blockheight.

Step 2.

Press the icon in the top right of the screen to open the menu.

From there, press "Stakes" to navigate to the staking section.

Next, press "Start Staking" to begin the staking process

Step 3.

Search for nodes that are awaiting contribution on

Step 4.

Copy the service node public key into the box at the top of the screen labelled 'Service Node Key'

Step 5.

Enter the amount of Oxen you wish to stake in the other box. The minimum stake amount will be listed on, but to work it out yourself you can simply divide the amount of Oxen available to stake by the number of slots left for that Service Node.

For example, if a node had 2 slots remaining and 7500 Oxen available for stake, the minimum contribution would be 7500/2 = 3750 Oxen.

Step 6.

Once you have entered the Service Node public key and the amount you wish to stake, simply swipe 'Stake Oxen' to contribute to the Service Node.

Congratulations! You're all staked up, and you'll receive your Service Node rewards directly to your wallet.


To unlock your stake from a Service Node, navigate to the stakes section of the wallet your contributions will be listed. You can unstake a contribution by swiping left and confirming. Your Oxen will be unlocked after 15 days.

Getting help

If something in this guide doesn't make sense, or if you’re running into issues that you can’t identify on your own, the first place to go would be the Oxen Telegram Group. Alternatively, you can find help on our other communication channels: Twitter, or Reddit.

Reporting bugs

If you've sought help through our communication channels but have not arrived at a solution for your issue, we recommend opening an issue ticket on the Session public server GitHub repository.

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