Here's a quick overview of the services provided by the Oxen blockchain

💸 $OXEN and the 💰Oxen Wallet: Private instant transactions

The Oxen Wallet, available in user-friendly GUI or powerful CLI versions, enables you to send and receive private anonymous transactions in the blink of an eye. You can download your preferred Wallet version here.

🖥 Oxen Service Nodes: Earn $OXEN rewards for powering up the Oxen network

Running an Oxen Service Node is a great way to grow the Oxen network and support the project while receiving $OXEN rewards for your valuable contribution. Check out our guides to setting up a service node and staking to a service node, or see here for some service node tools and utilities to help with starting up and maintaining your service nodes.

Oxen Name System (ONS): Human-readable names for Session, Lokinet, and more

Oxen Name System enables you to register alphanumeric names to be used in place of the long, hard-to-use default formats for Lokinet addresses, Session IDs, and Oxen Wallet addresses. For a look at registering names using ONS, check out our guide.