Exporting a CSV of your wallet transaction history

The Oxen Wallet allows you to export a CSV of transactions that have occurred in the wallet. The process for both the GUI wallet and the CLI wallet are as follows:

GUI Wallet

The Oxen GUI wallet as of v1.6.0 supports the exporting of your transactions. After logging into your wallet:

  • Click on SETTINGS at the top right of the app

  • Click on Export Transfers

  • The wallet will then prompt you for a folder to save the CSV to. This defaults to a CSV directory within the Oxen folder (Same directory your wallet keys are stored) but you can edit this to any location.

  • Click Export and you will be prompted for your wallet password

  • You will then see a green notification at the bottom of the window if the export is successful. For example: β€œTransfers exported to /home/sean/Desktop/transfers.csv”

CLI Wallet

Note you will either need to be running a local daemon (oxend) or have a remote node that the CLI wallet can communicate with.

Navigate to the directory that the oxen-wallet-cli executable is stored in:

sean@sean-MS-7A33:~/oxen-core/build$ cd bin/
sean@sean-MS-7A33:~/oxen-core/build/bin$ ls
oxen-blockchain-ancestry  oxen-blockchain-import              oxen-blockchain-usage      oxen-sn-keys
oxen-blockchain-depth     oxen-blockchain-mark-spent-outputs  oxend                      oxen-wallet-cli
oxen-blockchain-export    oxen-blockchain-stats               oxen-gen-trusted-multisig  oxen-wallet-rpc

Run the oxen-wallet-cli:

sean@sean-MS-7A33:~/loki-core/build/bin$ ./oxen-wallet-cli

If you are using a remote node instead of a local daemon you will need to add additional command line arguments here:

sean@sean-MS-7A33:~/loki-core/build/bin$ ./oxen-wallet-cli --daemon-address public.loki.foundation:22023

The wallet will ask you to enter the name of your wallet file. If you are coming from the GUI wallet these are stored in the following locations

  1. Linux: ~/Oxen/wallets/MyWallet.keys

  2. Windows: C:\Users<username>\Documents\Oxen\wallets

  3. Mac: ~/Oxen/wallets/MyWallet.keys

These can alternatively be included as command line flags

sean@sean-MS-7A33:~/loki-core/build/bin$ ./oxen-wallet-cli --daemon-address public.loki.foundation:22023 --wallet-file ~/Oxen/wallets/MyWallet --password "password"

Once the wallet has synced you will be able to call `export_transfers` which saves the CSV to the same location as where you ran the oxen-wallet-cli (Most likely the same location as the executable).

[wallet T6SjAL (has locked stakes)]: export_transfers all output=oxen.csv

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