Introduction to Oxen

Oxen is an ecosystem of privacy tools built on top of a fully decentralised layer-1 blockchain.
Oxen is one of the largest app ecosystems in the entire crypto industry. Applications like Session and Lokinet are currently servicing hundreds of thousands of active users thanks to the power of the Oxen Service Node Network.
The network is powered by the Oxen blockchain, a privacy preserving cryptocurrency network that enables fast and private value transfer. The blockchain is maintained by a distributed network of community-operated 🖥 Oxen Service Nodes, which run all the network features and services offered by Oxen's tech stack.

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The Coin

Oxen was originally forked from Monero, and it's still based on the CryptoNote protocol. From these beginnings, Oxen has inherited world class privacy and security features — including ring signatures, stealth addresses, and ring confidential transactions. Just like $XMR, $OXEN is fungible, private, and untraceable.

Service Nodes

Oxen is fully proof of stake, with a set of incentivised nodes called Oxen Service Nodes maintaining an securing the blockchain, providing services to Oxen Apps, and receiving block rewards.

The Apps

Session — An end-to-end encrypted, decentralised messaging app. Because Session doesn’t require any identifying information—such as a phone number or email address—to sign up, it has become popular with civil rights groups, whistleblowers, and other people who require high levels of privacy and anonymity.
Lokinet — An onion-router that allows people to browse the internet privately and securely. Lokinet operates on the network layer and is therefore able to onion-route any IP-based protocol, making it fast, dynamic, and adaptable.
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